Doobie & Dixie


I have sent you a few pictures of the kids, whom we have nicknamed ‘Double Trouble.’ They are growing like little weeds!



She is sooo comfortable in her new home. She sleep pressed up against me from 11:30 pm til 7:15 am. Perfect!

Sharon Kelly



Thought you might like to see some pictures of Mister. I have been meaning to send them to you for a while now.

He is such a good dog. Everyone loves him. We walk about 3 times a day; everyone in my neighborhood loves to say “Hi Mister.”

He has a wonderful disposition – very calm and loving. He rarely barks. Now that he is used to his new home, he loves to play, and chase his toys.

We are so happy with this adoption. Thanks for everything.



Here are some pictures of my baby girl. I adopted Kiki to be a companion for my other cat, Phoenix, a feral kitten I rescued from the brink of death when I lived in St. Petersburg.

I came to the shelter once a week for about 5 weeks and just sat in the cat room, watching their different personalities, to make sure I got the right one for my skiddish boy.

It broke my heart to watch Kiki’s gradual decline from an extroverted, playful little girl with a big personality to a scared, withdrawn little girl who hid all day. I knew I had to get her out of there.

When I got her home, I layed on the bed and opened the cat carrier door and she bolted out and ran up and down my body, absolutely crazed, rubbing against me, licking my face and purring.

I’ve never seen so much unbridled joy pour out of a living creature before.

She follows me wherever I go in my apartment and seems like she wants to help me do whatever I’m doing. She also plays fetch with her favorite little blue ball and likes to watch television.

She has an amazing little spirit, she makes me laugh just looking at her, and I love her to death.



Here are a few photos of Zipper! Right now she is finding the best sleeping spots around the house. She is settling in wonderfully with her two brothers. She is such a sweet loving girl!

Thank you so much, Denise




Thought you might like to see how Chipper has progressed.


Maggie (was Star)


I spoke with you this past Sunday about Star/Maggie, the basset hound my husband and I rescued from the shelter. You mentioned you like to get pictures and I wanted to send you some! As I said on the phone, she has just blown us away with how good of a dog she is. We couldn’t be more thankful for getting such a wonderful addition to our family! I have attached some photos. As you will see, she loves showing her tummy, playing with her toys, and sleeping!

Thank you again!!



I adopted him in 2001 and thought you would like to see some photos of him now. He has been my buddy from day one and I love him so very much. He was there when I lost my other half to cancer and he has been by my side since. I have to admit I have spoiled him rotten, he has his own bedroom and bed in the house. He pretty much runs the house and knows everything that goes on. He greets all of our guests at the door and stands on his hind legs and waves his arms to say hello to each and every guest we have.

We moved to Indiana in 2002 and he adjusted to winter with no problems. He loves to play in the snow and it is hard to get him to come in when it is really deep. He likes to jump and try to catch snowflakes as they fall. He hides in mounds of snow and then chases after you to play.

Everyone that meets him adores him.

I just wanted to send you a few photos of him now and to say thank you for bringing my best buddy into my life.



Sierra Exif JPEG

Hi ,

My name is Penny. I found a new home in 2010. Yea! I have a Mom and Dad and a new brother, Jessie (FKSPCA 2002). He’s kind of an old poop but I like him OK. He is a Delta Society therapy dog and goes to Bayshore Manor every week. Mom says I can go when I get get a little older. Jess says they have crumbs on the floor there. Yum. Dad says I’m a cute little thing and calls me Princess. Mom says I have Dad eating out of my paw. I think that is a good thing. I play a lot and get a bunch of walks. The food is good and we get treats and chewies. We go up to the top deck which is puppy proofed and sit and read and watch seagulls and stuff. We all sleep on this big bed and I have my own blanket. Jessie and I get full body scratch massages every night when we watch TV or just hang out. That is soooo cool. There are a lot of other dogs where we live and I like to sniff and play with them, ‘cept for this Great Dane. She poops bigger than me! Well, I have to go play now.

I hope all of my friends at SPCA, yeah, even the cats, find good homes and a loving family like I did.

Happy New Year

Princess Penny



Just wanted to let you know how good Lucy is doing. Today makes a week and so far she is settling in nicely! She fine with the little ones next door as well as the big am. bulldog. They are best buds! We haven’t had her on the boat yet but I think she will be fine. She was VERY skittish when she first came home and would not go into a bathroom. Both of those things have gotten better and I see improvements everyday! She was left alone for the first time last Friday and was fine. No barking or messing in the house. We are very proud of her! She really is very sweet and we love her! Thanks!

Update: Lucy had her first day on the boat to Marvin Key. She did great!


This particular photo captures his essence perfectly. Yes, he’s on my bed (that’s where he sleeps, next to me) and has one of my daughter’s shoes in his mouth. He can be a bit of a rascal, but is so darn cute it’s hard to tell him no.

He’s finally open with his kisses and is more confident with being playful. He has mastered the command “sit”, but hasn’t gotten the “paw” or “shake” thing yet. This will come in time. He’s now 80 pounds solid and is a complete “momma’s boy”.

Macey (the other Weimaraner in the house) has finally accepted Thor as her ‘son’. She allows him to clean her when he’s in the mood to do so and they share a water bowl. Thor has also brought out the playful ‘young’ side of Macey so their relationship dynamic is positive. They keep each other company during the day and patrol the fence area in our front yard for any intruders.



We would like to thank everyone at the FKSPCA for giving Brett a chance at life! Many other shelters would have given up on a pup as sick as Brett was, but you guys brought him back to good health! By doing that, he then in turn, helped us through the loss of our old dog, Rascal. Before Brett came along, we just couldn’t seem to pull ourselves together, but as soon as we laid eyes on Brett, there was an instant connection! Both myself, and Claus were immediately drawn to him! We knew he was the one! It’s been two years now, and I couldn’t imagine my life without him! He has brought so much joy into our lives. Brett’s the BEST!! Thank you guys so much!



These are our most recent pictures of Gruff. He loves that bone. We bought him a kennel to travel in and he likes to lay in it during the day with the door open. The kids love him and he loves playing with them.



Here are three photos we took today of Abe in his new home. He is a wonderful, affectionate dog and we could not be happier. Abe seems pretty happy, too! He greets us at the door, tail wagging, and nuzzling us for plenty of pets. He is relaxed, except when he’s asked if he wants to go for walk, and then he bounces straight up in the air! He is helping me get in shape with making me walk, and he walks alongside Gary while he uses an electric scooter. Our son took him for a run today and Abe got to scare up a flock of ibis on the way home.

He enjoys the run of the house and balcony, but seems to prefer being in whatever room one of us happens to be in, which is fine, as he is a member of the family. He sleeps soundly in his new bed, but also enjoys lying in a sunbeam on the balcony, looking out at the water, or cooling off on the tile in the kitchen after a walk.

Several of our neighbors have met him while out on a walk and everyone agrees he is great!

I am telling everyone I know what a wonderful experience we had adopting Abe. The work you, the staff and volunteers provide at the shelter is wonderful. We had not really considered adopting an “older” pet, but recognized a true gem in Abe. As Gary and I thought about our experiences with beloved dogs over the years, we recalled that only one had been selected as a puppy, and the other 3 who shared our lives had “found” us, as fully grown adults. While it’s great to have a tiny puppy grow along with young children (provided you have the time to “train” both) an older pet is ideal for those who do not have the time or inclination to train a puppy. And just as with children, if your dog is not trained, they will frequently be trying, as opposed to a constant source of joy.

So, feel free to submit our comments and photos. Again, we cannot thank you and everyone else involved with Abe’s journey, enough.

What a celebration it is to come home from work and have Abe greet me at the door, bouncing to the ceiling, wagging his entire body and thanking me that I have lived another day to hug him, take him on a walk and feed him! I don’t care what kind of day I’ve had; it puts it all in perspective and makes me feel great!

Our heartfelt thanks to the team at FKSPCA for their loving care while Abe waited patiently for his new family.



The first time I met this dog, he jumped on my lap and whispered in my ear to take him home….at least I think that’s what he said. It was hard to tell between all the kisses! My husband wasn’t sure about getting a little dog but he now says that he’s been “charmed” and uses words like gem, sweetheart, and treasure to describe Louis. Our dear Louie is a most productive dog – he can dig sand at a record speed and manages to cover ground both vertically and horizontally when he runs. His strongest skill is movie watching though napping in the sun comes in a close second. We feel so lucky that Louis joined our family and we’re grateful to the staff of the FKSPCA for the difficult and important work they do. Louis sends a shower of ear licks to tell you how happy he is with us!

Manny and Miles


Miles and Manny( used to be Vinny) are playing together in the house now, chase and tug of war and it is a beautiful thing. Vinny seems to be taking it easier and Miles tells him off really good when he doesn’t. He gets along well with others at the park and in the neighborhood and so he has a lot of friends. He is affectionate and loving. He is wonderful with Summer and actually laid with his head on her lap for hours while she was home sick last week. He is such a sweetie. His food issues are almost non-existent now that he knows his regular schedule. Our neighbor reported that he hasn’t heard a peep out of Miles in the last month. Thanks for your support along the way. You’re the best!!



It’s not often we don’t think of you guys at FKSPCA because you gave Turk a chance at life. We love our boy. And, we are, again, forever grateful for what you all do for so many animals there.



He has quite the personality and is such a Ham. Please feel free to share our pics and our kind words on The Reg!



Here is a picture of Sunday afternoon on the couch. I adopted her early December 2009. She goes to work at times, goes to Walgreens at the clerks request and loves walking when it is cool enough. She loves people in uniform, especially men. She also tries to go home with every deputy we know. What is up with that? This past Sunday we visited the fire station and yesterday she came to work at the clinic with me.



We adopted Rockey in March 2010 for the SPCA in KW Florida. My family couldn’t believe how lucky we were to find this gem. He was 9 months old when we brought him home. He adjusted well to his new home and his new family. I have 2 teenagers and they love to play with him. Especially my 16 year old son. He has just as much energy as Rockey does, so they toss the ball or chase each other. Rockey loves coconuts, so at the beach he loves to run after them. He sits with me all day in the office and lets me know when anyone comes to the door. He is not aggressive, but will bark at anyone new. He is good with other dogs, and loves to make new friends. Like I said earlier, we are so lucky to have him in our home. We love him so much.



We got home with no problems.. he slept most of the way and was so good on our stops to pee pee but never did. He is adjusting so well. Only 1 pee accident in the house yesterday… he is doing his duty outside and seems so smart about everything.. one walk around the block last night and he knew our house to come back to. Keeping me busy with working at home… lots of attention and loves to play..everything is new to him, I remember those puppy years well… . my mornings are as they were, with elliott, that I have been missing so much !!

His grandparents came over today… he was a little scared but it didn’t take long… Will keep you posted with more, he is on my lap asleep right now… the little slug…. 😉



We came in to the SPCA unsure of what kind of dog we were looking for. All we knew was that our almost 3 year old wanted a dog and we wanted a “rescue”. We looked a a few dogs but didn’t feel that instant attraction with any of them. Just as we were about to leave my husband did a final walk though of the dogs. He called for me to come look at a pit bull. My heart began to race. All I was thinking is we have an almost 3 year old are you crazy! I had nothing against Pit Bull but like most people haven’t heard very good things about them. My son and I walked back to his kennel and looked at Cappy. As I looked at this Pit Bull I realized this dog was our dog. Whatever it took, he was going to be living with us. We spend a little time getting to know Cappy and eventually brought him home in February.

He is truly the best dog EVER!!! He and my now 3 year old are best friends, they look out for each other. “Cappy the dog”, as he is know in our house fit’s like a glove. As long as he has a coconut and some tennis balls he is happy and of course the occasional table scrap, thanks to his best friend!

I give so many thanks to the SPCA for helping Cappy become the wonderful dog that he his. He is the most calm, cool and collected dog I have ever come in contact with. He is really more than a dog in our house he is a bother, a son and a best friend.

Thanks SPCA!!

The Ravers



Peachie went home today with a couple in their fifties. They seemed wonderful for him. All their children are away at college and they had an empty nest. I waited until someone really right came along. They are getting a great dog! I was in love.

FKSPCA Note: The Florida Keys SPCA often works with rescue groups to broaden the the options for our animals to find new homes. Peachie is an FKSPCA dog that was adopted through a small dog rescue group.



We went on our first walk with the girls and Daja was overly excited, of course, but Phoebe did great! She walks better on a leash than Daja does after a year. I guess it could be new surroundings also. She is doing great with the sitting on command and actually isn’t jumping on us as much. We have them separated by a baby gate which Phoebe has tested and we have corrected. We clap loud and tell her down when she jumps or pushes the gate. So far, so good. She also likes the kennel and is easy in and out of it. They are both pretty calm in the house while separate. I figure we will give it a couple of days with some walks together and play time outside in the small pocket park by our house (on Grinnell) before they hang out together in the house. No accidents in the house yet, but we’ve been taking her out periodically just to make sure.

We will keep you all updated!! Thank you sooo much!!

Laura & Billy



Sookie is doing so well with us. She hasn’t been near as hyper as we were preparing ourselves for. She just settled right into our home like she’s been there forever. We still have to work on her potty training, but otherwise she is being super good. She is being great with the kids and loves to play in the yard too. We are really happy we got her and don’t regret the decision at all. She’s such a joyful addition.

Salty Dog


Sometimes old dogs get lucky and our Salty is one of those dogs! A big black nine-year old Rottweiller mix is not a dog the average person is looking for when they come to the shelter to adopt. So Salty’s story is an inspiration to all of us and we want to share it with you. Salty came to us the first time when his owner moved away. He settled in at the shelter and became the gentle giant of the play yard, offering a smile and a wag to anyone who stopped to say hello. But because of his size and his age, five months passed with no one showing interest in him.

Then one day a very kind woman and her young son came looking for a companion, and to our delight, realized Salty would be the perfect dog for them. We were overjoyed. Throughout the next two years we heard from them often about how well Salty was doing. Then suddenly, his good fortune ran out. Hurricane Wilma hit the Keys and Salty’s family, like so many others, lost their home and were left with a very uncertain future. They were forced to make the heartbreaking decision to give up their much loved companion.

Like ours, a dog’s life can take lots of twists and turns. One morning a man came into the shelter to see if we had a dog named Salty. He knew the dog from years ago. We reassured him that Salty was in a great home and he left. We didn’t see any need to ask his name. But ironically, that was the very day that Salty’s family decided to bring him back to us!

We immediately tried to contact the man through the local paper but without any luck. Months passed and understandably, this time Salty wasn’t as happy as he was during his previous stay with us. His tail wasn’t so eager to wag and the smile didn’t appear as often. We all noticed it and tried to give him lots of daily love and attention, but we still saw the sadness in him. Then once again Salty’s luck changed.

Someone stopped by the shelter who not only recognized Salty but also knew the man who had come looking for him months before! The reunion that followed was one of those moments that keeps us all working at the FKSPCA. The instant that big old dog saw his friend, the tail never stopped wagging and the smile on his face came back! In no time Salty was walking out the door to start his new life (which, by the way, includes a new love interest, a pretty eight year old Lab mix named Harley). So after a long and winding road, Salty has found his way into what we hope will be his final happy home with someone who loves him. From the bottom of our hearts, we say thank you to Salty’s new dad, John. It’s people like him who inspire us to continue being there for the animals.



Some dogs seem destined to travel the world and one of our adoptees, Freedom, is definitely one of those dogs. His journeys began with a boat trip across the waters from Cuba to Key West, where he was surrendered to us in 2006. An initial exam revealed a bad case of heartworm, which required treatment before this little shepherd mix could be placed up for adoption. His treatment took a few months during which time he enjoyed the good life of air-conditioned digs and “two-squares” a day, which promptly went to his waistline. Once he was able to go out in the play yards and make some new friends, he slimmed down and became quite the handsome young man. His engaging personality even won the heart of Georgia, an older girl who usually didn’t have much interest in her fellow canines. He brought out her playfulness and they would spend afternoons in the kiddie pool or laying side by side in a “lazy-dog” style wrestling match.

But even with his charming ways, Freedom for some unknown reason never attracted the attention of those looking to adopt and months went by. One day a gentleman came in and said “that’s the dog for me”. The only problem was he was going out of the country for three months. Our initial hope at this adoption prospect for Freedom was dashed, even when he vowed to come back to get him when he returned. We hear that often and usually that’s the last we hear. But this time it was different. Almost to the day (or so it seemed), Larry came back through our doors and handed us his application for Freedom, which he had been carrying with him since his first visit. So Freedom’s third life began.

Larry also is a traveler and pulls his “house” behind him as he migrates across the country from one beautiful place to another. And Freedom is now with him every mile of the journey. Their list of “places visited” is long and varied, as are Freebie’s (as Larry calls him) experiences. He has hiked in the Smokies and the Sierras, gone swimming in the cold waters of Maine, met a beaver in the Adirondacks, attended Mass at a shrine in Vermont (where he was given a blessing by the priest for exemplary behavior), and dug to his heart’s delight in the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado. This dog is living the good life! And we thank Larry for coming to the FKSCPA to find the best traveling companion ever!

Boo Boo


When Boo Boo’s owners were evicted by their landlord, they simply abandoned the eight-year-old calico. When staff went to pick her up following a call from the landlord, they found a cowering, traumatized cat.

Over the next few weeks, Kitty Garvey, who has been caring for the cats at the shelter for over nine years, tried to help Boo Boo overcome her anxiety and fears, but even Kitty’s experience and infinite patience weren’t working their usual magic this time. “She was so frightened, you couldn’t even touch her,” Kitty explains, “but when I looked into those big, beautiful eyes, I just knew there was a sweet cat inside.”

Kitty persevered to gain Boo Boo’s trust. Once Boo Boo was spayed and a little more progress had been made, Kitty finally decided it was time to try to move her to the adoption room where she was introduced to the other cats. There, Boo Boo quickly blossomed into the sweet cat that Kitty had known was there, somewhere, all along.

Not long afterwards, at the FKSPCA’s Cat Adopt-a-thon, Boo Boo caught the eye of her new owner and she is now happily settled in her forever home.

The FKSPCA is very proud of its staff, for whom “going that extra mile” for the animals in their care is just “part of the job”.



Shiloh’s Happy Tail is all about hurricanes. It starts in 2005 with Hurricane Wilma. That’s when this 7 year-old Shepherd mix lost her first home. Her family evacuated and left her behind. Fortunately she survived the storm but found herself homeless. A kind gentleman took pity on her and began feeding her. She soon was considered part of the family, along with his two dogs. He was able to care for her for about a year before the costs of three big dogs eventually became too much. That’s when he called the FKSPCA for help. Together it was decided that the best option for Shiloh would be for her to come to the shelter so we could find her another home. Little did we know it would take another year and another hurricane before that home would appear.

During her stay with us, Shiloh became a favorite with staff and volunteers. As the months wore on, Shiloh settled in to the shelter routine and became our oldest resident. She also became our best puppy trainer. When young upstarts were learning their puppy manners, Shiloh was their teacher. She was a natural! She knew what to tolerate and when to draw the line. Always gentle yet effective, her skills were perfected. Shiloh made lots of four-legged and two-legged friends at the FKSPCA. Along the way there were potential adopters who fell in love with her sweet ways. But it seemed like all of those hopefuls either had cats (Shiloh believes cats should inhabit another galaxy) or they lived very far away. One of Shiloh’s biggest fans lives in England but a flight across the ocean was just not an option. Her life with us was a comfortable one. She had a roof over her head, good food, a soft bed, and lots of love. But she still didn’t have a real home.

Then in the fall of 2008, along came a powerful storm named Hurricane Ike and it looked like the Florida Keys were in his direct path. So as we do each time a hurricane is headed our way, the FKSPCA staff packed up all the animals and sent them into foster homes with caring families willing to provide a safe haven during the storm . Shiloh went home with one of our favorite volunteers and her husband, Edie and Pete Kehoe. Of course, it was intended to be a short foster, just until the storm passed. That was until Shiloh worked her magic on them and their dog Tyson. She was the perfect guest!

Thankfully, Ike tracked south and the Keys were spared. The shelter was still standing and animals could return. But by that time, it was too late for the unsuspecting Kehoe family. They were smitten! The informed us that Shiloh would not be returning to the shelter. Like the saying goes, “It’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow someone some good” and Hurricane Ike brought our Shiloh something better than good. It brought her something wonderful – a forever home with a loving family!

In the words of her adopters:

After sharing with my close friends Shiloh’s story I realized how unique Shiloh’s situation was. Our community is lucky to have a shelter like the FKSPCA that recognized the wonderful qualities in Shiloh, whose age and size made her a more difficult dog to adopt. They were willing to give her the time it took for her to find her forever home. I’m happy that forever home was MINE!! I’m just sorry it took me so long! I have never taken in a dog that adapted to our lives as easily and loving as Shiloh as done.

Let this be my testament to all whoever considered taking in an older dog. We may only have a few years with Shiloh’s but they will be of quality of love and gratefulness given in both directions!

Shiloh – An Update

Shiloh was a longtime companion to her friends at the shelter, and continued to make loyal friends among everyone she met after Edie and Pete Kehoe adopted her. They gave her the best life possible and her happiness with that life showed in every photo Edie took of her.

Sadly, Shiloh recently lost her battle to an aggressive and fast-growing cancer that her survivor’s spirit was no match for. Her sweetness and sensitive spirit will be missed by everyone who had the privilege of knowing her. We love you, Shiloh!



Oscar staying at the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne


Remember Oscar? The little schnauzer that was thrown from a moving vehicle on Duval Street? Apart from his broken bones, Oscar needed treatment for heartworms and if that weren’t enough, his coat was matted and infested with fleas. Oscar’s story touched many hearts and our generous community contributed to the expensive cost of Oscar’s care. This led to the establishment of Oscar’s Fund (see page 3). It took months of medical treatment along with lots of TLC from his foster mother before he was well enough for adoption. Well, look at him now! It’s hard to believe this happy little fellow is the Oscar we knew then.

Last December, he was adopted by Maggie Gutierrez, Esq. and Susan Webster. They tell us Oscar has blossomed over the past year and is thriving. He loves to travel with them and now summers at their home on Cape Cod, where he enjoys strolls on the beach. He also enjoys massages and acupuncture, and when in Key West, he often goes to work with Maggie at her law office, where he is the official “Paw Clerk”.

Maggie and Susan say, “Words cannot describe how much we truly love and adore Oscar. He means everything to us and his addition to our home made our family complete.”


Keno beach

Actually looking to adopt a couple of kittens, my girlfriend didn’t see any that peaked her interest. I said just for fun let’s look at the dogs, not really looking to adopt one, that is until we came to the end and saw him, Red, now known as Keno, a 6 month old Pit Bull, Amer. Bulldog mix. For me it was love at first sight, I knew this was my dog. He was excited to us like he had been waiting just for us, friendly and energetic. After some convincing to my landlord and my girlfriend we decided to get him, he began bonding to us almost immediately, behaving on the leash before he was even ready to be picked up. Warned that he was a lot of dog to handle for people with not much experience, we were ready for the challenge. I’m happy to report Keno is very happy and healthy. A model representation for dogs of his breed, loving and friendly to anyone he meets, big or small. He is a fast learner for tricks and often surprises us with things he learns on his own. He loves going to the dog park and car rides. And is always the center of attention when around our friends and family. Recently he went with us to my parents where my sister and two nephews were vacationing, my younger nephew of 4 had a fear of large after being bitten by another dog. Well Keno showered him with love, even the my nephew was still apprehensive around him and before long they were all rolling around carpet together having a fun, all the while Keno instinctively knowing to be more gentle as he outweighed them by 20-30 lbs. By the end of the vacation both my nephews wanted to take him with them. Just wanted to say thanks!! My girlfriend and I both agree we could not imagine our lives without Keno.



Beebo is a living legend at the Florida Keys SPCA! There are few dogs who paid as many visits to us as he did before he finally came to live with us. He was always getting away from his family and either we would get a call to come get him or someone would bring him to us. Never a couch potato, Beebo would accept nothing less than days filled with fun, variety, and excitement. That adventurous attitude almost brought about his demise on several occasions. He had more than one close call on the Highway. And his penchant for chasing cats caused a major problem when he got himself stuck under a garbage dumpster one day while in pursuit of his quarry. That escapade required a garbage truck to come out and raise the dumpster to free him. His frequent escapes were worrisome and frustrating to everyone. The owner worried because he loved his dog but couldn’t keep him at home, and we were frustrated because we couldn’t figure out why he kept getting out. We got our answer when his owner finally gave up and for his sanity and Beebo’s safety, decided to surrender him to us. It didn’t take long for us to see for ourselves what a challenging dog he was. Beebo was not your average dog. First of all, his energy was boundless. He never stopped moving and often that movement was vertical. He was like a pogo stick in his kennel. Secondly, he thought fences were for fools, and he never saw one he couldn’t climb. He felt the same way about trees. (check out video: So keeping him contained in the play yards was a real trick. He’d stay in one until he got bored and then he’d find a way out. Fortunately he never wanted to leave the shelter. He entertained himself by chasing lizards or checking out the cat room.

As a result of his challenging ways, Beebo was not an easy dog to adopt. His constant activity and barking made him a non-starter with anyone lookind plays with daily. He also travels with his “mom” when she visits friends and family. In other words, he gets to go places and do things, which is eng for a nice calm house dog. That was until the day Jennifer K. came through our doors. She spent time in the kennel looking at the dogs, and when she came out was we asked if she saw anyone she liked. She said she had; it was Beebo! She was the first person in the many months we had him that anyone even looked at him, let alone liked him. When asked what it was that drew her to him, she said he was the only dog who was calm!!!! The only thing we can figure is that “when it’s right, it’s right” and Beebo must have sensed his big chance had arrived. And the rest, as they say, is dog shelter history.

Beebo now spends his days at work with business owner and mom, Jen. He also has his very own cat who he loves axactly what he wanted and needed. And according to Jen, he is the love of her life. Stop by at Big Pine Shipping and say hi to Beebo. You’ll make his day!



Dear Kathy and shelter friends,

I have been at my new home for almost 2 months now. I thought you would like to know that my new family really loves me & I love them. At first I wasn’t quite sure what to think of all the new adventures they took me on but now I love to go to new places! Once a week we go to the dog park which I really like but I have to have a bath when I get home, even though I sit patiently I don’t like baths so much. I am home alone during the day for about 3 hours, usually I play with my own toys (lay on their bed sometime) and be a very good boy. At home I also have a long bench, the length of the living room that I can lay on and watch the water & yard outside. I try to remember that I get special treats & get to play ball & lay in the garden when Greg gets home. I am learning about living on the water & how to get up the steps from the canal. I also have been on boat rides and on the beach to get used to the water. Kim loves to go to breakfast on Sunday mornings so we have been learning about different restaurants in Key West that will let me come in. Since I don’t beg at the table when we go out or at home, sometimes I get a special people treat. Greg says he is amazed that I don’t go to the bathroom in house, why would I do that, I am way smarter than that. Well we are getting ready to go play outside. I hope to come visit you all soon. Here are some pictures of me!!


Hi , we just saw Casey and Kim on the happy tails section and thought we would just let you know that Casey is doing great, he is a very happy and healthy dog and we love him more and more each day.(if that is possible) Here are a few more pics of him living the life that he deserves.



I’m sending you a couple of pictures of Tela at the beach last week, she really really enjoys it and she loves swimming, she is also very good at playing fetch, I thought you would enjoy them. Please enjoy the pictures and feel free to share them with the rest of SPCA family and, hopefully we will get to see you soon!

Take care! Lisette


Kendall and Starr (aka Foxy Brown)

Starr is the perfect match for Nanny, she is very protective of her and is doing sooooo well. We have family here from Maine visiting and Starr just goes with the flow. She is such a part of the family ,she hangs with the crowd and loves to be the center of attention. Like you say, such a Happy Tail.



I have just completed the adoption process at the Key West SPCA. Currently, I have a beautiful and inordinately affectionate Min. Pin., Fritz. Moving here from Va. required a separation from his best friend, Cha Cha, a deer face white Chihuahua. Secretly, I have wanted a friend for Fritz for some time, since my arrival.

A little face in the paper caught my attention one day, so I stopped by to see Scrappy .at the SPCA. I was overcome with amazement when I realized the markings of Fritz and the behavior of Cha Cha all rolled into one, which explains his mix of the two breeds. After having talked it over with Fritz, who would be serving as a big brother, we decided to move forward. Our visit to the SPCA revealed a strong propensity towards compatibility ,which was the outcome I had hoped for. We brought Scrappy home on a Wed., and reluctantly, I went to work the next day having to leave the two alone for about 10 hrs. When I returned home that night I was elated to see the two them working together in the way of play, Fritz cleaning Scrappy’s ears, both bouncing around the room, and our evening walk which proved to be harmonious and without incident. They both did their business in a shared location, one waiting for the other to be done before moving on. Later that night, Scrappy was jumping on my chest as I laid on the couch and licking my face as if to say “Thank you Daddy for bringing me home .I am happy and safe and I have a great big brother” Then he would roll over on his back and go to sleep. Later on, both were in bed with me under the covers trying to find a warm spot. This was quite a scene, as the bed was Fritz’s domain, but he shared it without complaint. In the morning, they both took their positions on the back of the couch to watch for other dogs out the window, and would bark in unison when one was spotted. Scrappy followed Fritz’s lead beautifully, learning the standard procedures for the house.

Scrappy demonstrates the exact characteristics of Fritz and Cha Cha, and looks like a little Fritz. I am elated with the bonding which has occurred here-like I have never witnessed after 60 yrs with dogs. It makes me sorry for all the other pups that want so bad to have a home. I wish I could take them all, but this would be counterproductive. Anyway, I am thankful for Scrappy and realize that this was intended to happen for a reason. This has placed an innocent little creature with a wonderful personality and need to please, and the need to have a family, in our path. His little bow legs and pigeon toes is part of a great personality and character. I know I will try and live up to Scrappy’s standards and needs, with help from Fritz, and Cha Cha when she finally arrives down the road-Fritz, Cha Cha, and little Scrappy in between.mergers in business serve to add strength as a total unit, and I believe it is the same with people and animals. At least I know it is so with Scrappy and Fritz. After only one week, I can’t imagine the family without Scrappy.

Hats off to the Key West SPCA for their commitment to the animals in residence. The counseling, adoption procedure, delivery package, and obvious love for animals makes them friends of mine indefinitely. The loving care demonstrated by the staff is reflected in the animals ability to accept and adjust I am certain. They have provided my beloved Fritz with a little brother forever, as well as providing me with yet another little friend for life. I am reminded of this every morning when Scrappy crawls out from underneath the covers and begins his ritualistic and wet kissing routine.

Thank you, Key West S.P.C.A.

Geoff Beitner,CLU, ChFC

Mario Andretti

Mario Andretti

Hi! My Mom said it is time I should write to you and let you know how great it is living here in Virginia Beach with my Mom and Dad, Barb and Mike! I heard from some friends at our recent get together in Williamsburg that they had visited you while they were in Key West. We were going to come for a visit in January but Dad had to get back to work. Mom was really upset because she really wanted to show you how great I am! Right now she is talking about getting me a hair cut. I am not real sure about that. I really like my long blonde locks. She says I will be much more comfortable when I get rid of all this fur. Oh well, I will do whatever she wants, she gives me Frosty Paws! Right now we have another “foster” and his name is Logan. Mom says he is going to his new home Saturday. That will be nice because he is so big and he likes to run over me! But, I am strong and I take the ball from him! He is fun though and I think I might miss him. But, then there is the other two Springers that will still be here! Guess they are “foster failures” as Mom calls them. I have really had it good here. Mom and Dad take me with them to the races (NASCAR), RV Rallies, and whenever they go anywhere in their big RV. All, in all it is a pretty good life. Now, if they would only let me have some of their dinner! Well, I guess this is it for now. I will try to get Mom to write to you again after I get my haircut. She is going to attach a couple pictures. I am giving the camera a really good “aren’t I cute?” look! Have a great day down in the beautiful Keys! Hope to see you in January!


Kaya at work

Kaya—First Update

Hi All,

I wanted to share some news & pictures of Kaya. She’s adapting extremely well to her new home. The Girls have decided she’s not so bad after all and have not only accepted her, but they’re playing often. She has become quite the hunter, stalking and attacking her “prey” with gusto! The poor stuffed animals don’t stand a chance!

We’re very happy with her, she’s a really smart girl & is fitting right in. We just have to work on the 5 AM wake up calls! LOL!!!!

All in all, she’s doing fantastic.

Kaya—Second Update

She plays with Wilma all the time, plays with Lily often, but rarely plays with Sandy, if at all, but she loves to lay down & sleep next to her (see the attached pics). She’s a constant source of joy for us and VERY happy & content in her new home.

D & A


Kahlua (aka Slinky) and Luna

Thank you very much for my new puppy. She fits in well with the family.

Everyone loves her.

Carl Schror


Jazzy with toy

She loves dragging this toy all around. She is so playful and full of life. . .

This is Jazzy and our other dog Smokey. They so love to play, run, eat, and animal watch together…

Joe L.



Sorry I missed your call yesterday. Miss Daisy is doing FABULOUS! It’s as if she lived here with Molly and me all her life! She does great riding in the car. She only had 2 pee accidents in the house the first evening, both induced by Molly being a bit territorial.

It really does seem like she picks up signals from Molly because she settled in right away to our routine. She sleeps right through the night. She gets excited when I pull out the leashes, but otherwise she doesn’t bolt for the door if I go out without them. I can let them both out the front to go with me to get the mail or paper without having either on a leash.

Today was the first day I left them inside alone for about 4 hours, and no problems. The only whining she does is at the door when I put them outside in the back and don’t go out myself. She’s got such a joyful attitude when she’s playful, and so sweet and cuddly. Last night it took about a half hour removing dozens of those darn sand burs out of her fur after a long walk, and she just lay quietly on my lap the whole time while I poked and tugged at her fur.

I could go on and on…and it’s hardly been 48 hours. Thank you so much for matching us up!

Anne, Molly & Daisy

Crusoe and Coral


I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Crusoe and Coral that were taken recently. They are doing well. Crusoe is coming along wonderfully – he is such a big sweetheart. The 2 of them play so much every day. I think they are great for each other. Thanks again for your time and help with everything.



Well, we’re happy to report he is doing great and has been nothing but wonderful! He is still just as sweet and gentle as ever, has a bunch of friends and loves going out on the boat. He weighed in at 118 pounds a few months ago, so we backed off on the treats and he’s at 110…still big.

Tommy, Chrissy & Boomer



I have attached a few photo’s for you-had to put some on my facebook for all my friends to see!! Biscuit cried all the way home-once he got in the house you would have thought he lived here forever! He was so happy. His little tail has not stopped wagging! He got his new “baby’ and jumped into his new bed and laid back like he was in heaven!! So precious! We bought him a collar and lease, Mike just took him for a walk and he did great. We are so happy to have him here, and I think he has found a home he is happy with!! Again, thank you so much for all your help with us in finding him and having a new baby in the house.



I took these pics of Beebo this morning. I didn’t put him this way, that’s how I found him right before it was time to come to work. Porknbeans sleeps with me too, but she’s an early bird. She’s ready to start the day at 6 am. Barking at the neighbor’s dog and running with Francis. Beebo, on the other hand, would sleep til 10 o’clock if I let him.


Member of the family (Austin)

Austin has truly become a member of our family. Once he got use to his new surroundings, he really seemed to settle in and make himself at home. Andrea said he is the best thing I have given her since the children, and Austin clearly loves her just as much as she loves him. The children also love having him in our family, and Austin seems very grateful to have become a member of our pack. I hope the other animals at the shelter are as fortunate as Austin has been; thank you all for caring for him so well until he could find a family to join.



Please find attached an awesome gift that we “acquired”. We got her from the SPCA in Key West. Her family had to leave town and could not bring her. She is 5 years, 2 months old and is very well trained. She loves people and other dogs. We could not be happier. I was not to keen with the name Angel; I now love the name!



Little Jack came to us with his sister Jill. Both were young little Chihuahuas who suffered from a lack of socialization and were extremely fearful of anyone they didn’t know. Both dogs would need very special homes with patient, sensitive, and understanding families willing to work with them. Although Jill was initially the more shy of the two, Jack ultimately proved to be more challenging. Fortunately, Jill found a wonderful home fairly quickly, but poor Jack remained at the shelter. His fear of strangers made it difficult to even show to potential adopters. Realizing that his chances for a good life outside the shelter were very limited, we approached one of our long-time volunteers and B.R.A.T. team members, Kim Banning, to see if she would be willing to foster Jack and work with him to give him a chance. She had already adopted a wonderful older Lab mix named Oakley from us and had a second dog also, both of which were perfect doggie mentors for little Jack. She also had a very kind and understanding partner who agreed to help. It was the perfect mix of humans and dogs.

Kim spent time with Jack at the shelter to gain his trust before she took him home. Then step-by-baby-step in that safe environment, Jack began to learn that the world could be a more trustworthy place and he started to blossom. The plan was for Kim to work with him until he was adoptable and ready to go to a new home.

But it wasn’t long before the writing was on the wall and both Jack and Kim’s partner, Ron, realized that this little dog was already in his new home. Of course, Kim was in full agreement and Jack’s new family was soon made official. He now has his own fan club and a neighborhood full of four-legged and two-legged friends.

Life is good for this once scared little boy.


Posey's office assistant

Posey had a long history with the Florida Keys SPCA. This little Chihuahua first came to us when she and her sister-dog were surrendered by their owner. Her sister got adopted quickly but it took Posey a bit longer due to her rather odd and sometimes worrisome behaviors.

Among other things, Posey was frightened of her food bowl and wouldn’t approach it at feeding times. We tried all kinds of bowls, even paper plates! She wouldn’t go near any of them; she would eat only if we put her food directly on the floor.

We soon discovered a possible reason for this odd behavior. Posey was VERY aggressive around food and quite likely had been severely punished for her behavior. Instead of solving the problem, the punishment may have gotten associated in her mind with the food bowl, causing her to avoid it.

She also didn’t like sharing her toys OR her bed OR her human friends, and would growl and snap if she felt threatened. Naturally none of all these behaviors served her well in finding a new home. That was until a wonderful young woman fell in love with her and was willing to work with her and deal with her possessive behavior. Posey was well-loved and remained in her new home for a few years until a life-situation change brought her back to the shelter.

She took up her role again as Queen of the shelter office and stayed with us for months until a great couple discovered “her majesty” and decided she would be the perfect addition to their existing Chihuahua pack. It looks like she will continue to be hold the queenly position that she feels she deserves.



Dear Friends of FKSPCA,

Turb T. (Termite) Pecora is the joy of my heart! One would never believe he was once a “fearful” dog. Turbo has evolved into the family caretaker, a proud and confident alpha leader (always taking the front of the line) and a dear little friend who loves to cuddle (especially when I read aloud to him!).

Thank you for caring and for all of your wonderful work. You’re the best!


P.S. Turbs rode in the bike basket and did very well! Will send more pics.

Sally and Bossy

bossy and sally

Last June when I heard it was Adopt a Cat month, I decided it was time to welcome a couple of cats into my home. It had been almost a year since the passing of my 16 year-old cat, Spaz, and I wanted two cats who could occupy each other when I was gone during the day. I knew I could provide a good home, I just never thought I could love any cats the way I loved Spaz.

When I stepped into the cat rooms at the FKSPCA, Sally and Bossy (formerly Eureka) chose me. Even better, I was told these sisters had a strong bond and had to be adopted together, or not at all. The next day, as they meowed their heads off in the car on the way to my house, I had second thoughts. But after a few days they warmed up to me, and it didn’t take long before they made me part of their pack. I call them my little lovebugs now, they’d be happy with belly scratches all day long. They’ve maintained their strong bond with each other, and every day they make me laugh–they love to play with toy mice, chase each other around the house, and boy do they love the portable heater, even when it’s only 70 degrees out.

You would never know they had spent a few years at a shelter, the way they immediately adjusted to life at my home. I hope if people read this Happy Tail, they’ll consider welcoming an older cat or two into their homes as well. There are so many sweet cats just waiting for belly scratches at a forever home.


attic cork & stogie remy 024

Here are a few pictures of our precious little one … thank you so much for helping make our family complete! We adore him!

Paul & Paris Tannish

P.S. we call him Remy (named after the little mouse in the movie Ratatouille). He adapted to the new name right away and has made our family complete!

Copa Joe

Good times

I was wanting a dog for some time now and never really considered a ‘shelter dog’, I just decided to stop in on my day off, and saw this beautiful, gentle, playful goof ball running around his pen, pushing the top half, of a two piece dog house with his nose, barking at it! He came running right up to me and we hung and played ball and fetch for awhile… Then I realized that he had (a good portion of) Pit Bull in him… STOP EVERYTHING!! Only crazy people have Pit Bulls! I honestly thought that the only way to get a ‘good dog’ would be through a reputable breeder, and that he would have to be a puppy in order to be trained properly (and certainly not a Pit Bull!). I was wrong…

I left that day without him, and researched Pit Bulls and spoke with (Pit Bull) owners. I had pre-conceived, negative ideas. The only information I had for them was through the Media… Truth be told, Pits are only as vicious as their owners train them to be. They do not have in-bread DNA to make them snap or attack.

I adopted Copa Joe (then named Strike) in April of 2010, from the Florida Keys S.P.C.A. He is a beautiful black, Pit/Lab mix with a white ‘tuxedo’ chest and orange eyes. I can’t say enough about Cathy and the Staff at the SPCA. They had cared for him for 6 months, trained him his basic commands, he was ‘house broken’ and well socialized with other people and animals (well… we’re still working on the cat part :). He loves the ocean and swimming in pools and ANYTHING to do with water!! He’s so Cool! THANK YOU for my new best buddy and educating me on just how Wonderful SPCA pets can be! He’s everything I wanted in a dog!

We’re going swimming now….. Cheers!

Paul and Copa

See Mr. Copa Joe on Youtube


Chopper dozing after a hard day of play

Thought you would like a family picture of us. We’re so happy with Chopper in our lives. He’s funny, smart, active, lazy and stubborn. Just like Keith and myself. Chopper enjoys being outside, the beach, walks and prefers his booty rubbed over his belly. He’ll be celebrating his 4th birthday on August 13. He’s coming along in training, but we still have a ways to go when it comes meeting new dogs and new people. He loves car rides too!


Bart finally exhaustsed

Bart was left in the shelter drop-off pen with a bright red collar on but no other information on his history. He was adopted out once and due to his high-energy AND high intelligence, he proved to be a challenging young dog and was promptly returned to the shelter. Sometimes the smarter the dog, the more they require of their people, and Bart was one of those dogs. Good fortune smiled on him when he found his match with Pete and Edie Kehoe, who had recently lost their beloved Shiloh (see Shiloh’s story below). Edie was drawn to him immediately when she saw him at the shelter. Talk about the perfect home! Getting all his needs met for exercise and training allowed Bart to become the great little companion we knew he could be. Edie and good friend Kim Banning, (both shelter B.R.A.T. team members), along with their partners Pete and Ron, have given wonderful homes to three dogs that were having a tough time finding homes. Oaklee was an older Lab mix and little Jack, the Chihuahua, had some major trust issues. (see their stories below) Thanks to these four caring and generous folks, all three dogs are now good friends and spend hot summer days together on the water enjoying the good life. (Check out their beach day photos)

Here are few emails Edie sent the shelter during her early days with Bart:

“It’s going pretty well but I’m lucky that I’ve had the time to stay right with him and right on top of things at all times.

Good news is he has not met a dog he doesn’t like and them like him! Even Tyson is happier with him here! Bart goes in the kennel if I have to go out and I have to pour him in there but he sleeps and comes out a happy boy. A few more days of this and he may be a normal dog………… Ha ha ha!.. I doubt it……. But, he’s going to be a fun dog.”

“He goes to the kennel by himself, doesn’t mooch food, loves all other dogs and they like him too!!!! He had “sit” really well, now “down” is happening just as quickly. We’re working on “leave it” and “drop” with lots of hope in sight. I won’t be wearing slippers for a while, he seems to think they are a moving game.”

“This morning there was a light rain but we still went out for 4 mile walk and then walked Tyson a couple of blocks. We played outside a few minutes and then got the standard rub down with a towel and then I tucked Bart in. He stayed like this for about 2 hours!!! He did finally come out but is still on his bed resting. He is calm in the house about 85% of the time. When he does get wound up it is usually about the times of day that I have conditioned him to play. He is so sweet!!”

“Pete had left one of the bedroom doors open and Bart went in and got the biggest stuffed animal in there. Pete said when he came out of the room all he could see was a stuffed bear coming at him! Bart was proud like he’d taken down a lion. Then there was the day Bart got up on the bed while Pete was napping. I guess Pete didn’t notice soon enough so Bart licked his ear…. Pete came out smiling…… I wasn’t really looking for a dog but I think he may be perfect for me!!!!”



We’ve had Baby (aka Hillary) for a couple of months now and we’re truly blessed! She is THE sweetest, BEST dog ever!!! Her temperament is sweet as can be, she’s smart, not a yapper and has had very few issues. I would say she was verbally abused in the past so there is no yelling in our house, which a good thing anyway. We’ve found that she’s a champion swimmer and has as many beach days as we can give her. Car rides must bore her because she sleeps thru all our road trips. For the most part, she spends her day playing with her basket of toys, takes long walks and loves her chew sticks. At night she snuggles in bed (yes, with us) like a little teddy bear. As I said …. we are blessed with this little girl!!