The FKSPCA, Inc. was formed in January 1999 by experienced and dedicated animal rescue volunteers and workers for the purpose of providing quality care for the homeless companion animals of Monroe County.

The all-volunteer Board of Directors includes:

  • Jeff Johnson, President
  • Kim Wilkerson, Vice President
  • Cindy McVeigh, Treasurer
  • Amy Jamison, Secretary
  • Gayle Eadie
  • Julie Botteri
  • Jacqueline Luhta
  • Lurana Snow
  • Lou Spelios

Our compassionate, dedicated staff works hard to provide the best care possible for the animals in our shelter. They also work hard to ensure the safety of our community and its animals. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact one of the following:

Our Capital Campaign Steering Committee:

  • Jeff Johnson, Chair
  • Margo Alexander
  • Bill Cartledge
  • Connie Christian
  • Jane Dawkins
  • Tammy Fox
  • Jim Hill
  • Claudia Miller
  • Bunnie Smith
  • Marguerite Whitney
  • Doug Mayberry