Florida Keys SPCA

Florida Keys SPCA, The Center for Animal Welfare & Education, is dedicated to promoting the humane treatment of all animals through compassionate care, adoption, education, population control and humane law enforcement.

Adopt an Animal

Our primary goal is to place all adoptable animals into caring, loving, lifelong homes.

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Adopt a Dog

Yeah, we like sloppy wet kisses too!

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Adopt a Cat

Cat people are some of our favorites!

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Adopt Small Animals

Bunnies, Hamsters, Gerbils, oh my!

Support FKSPCA

Your support means the world to us. A gift that matches a specific need and accomplishes something worthwhile can be enormously rewarding.

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pays for...

Provides nutritious food for the animals in our care.

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pays for...

Provides a comprehensive medical exam of an injured or abused animal.

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Provides vaccinations to animals for common, preventable illnesses.

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Provides Spay & Neuter surgeries to prevent overpopulation.

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Be a Volunteer

Volunteers are critical to our life-saving mission every day. We could use a lot of helping hands with our programs for youths, teens, adults, groups, and fundraising events. Volunteering can be very rewarding, and you enrich the lives of animals waiting for a home.

Our generous volunteers can also be a foster parent, providing specialized care to animals not yet adapted to the shelter environment, or ready for adoption. Hurricane season presents a very critical need for fosters. When you foster an animal, we provide you with the guidance and essentials for their care. You provide the love!

Event Calendar

Jul 23

Aqua Idol

July 23 @ 6:30 pm

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Jul 31

Sip & Paint at Faro Blanco

July 31 @ 5:30 pm

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Aug 17

Clear the Shelters

August 17 @ 8:00 am

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Aqua Idol

Every Tuesday, now through July 23rd, 12 singers will battle it out through song to become the winner of Aqua Idol to benefit the animals of the Florida Keys SPCA!  Come down to Aqua Nightclub from 6:30-8pm for entertainment, fun and support your favorite singer today!

Click here for additional details on the event including the singers and how you can participate!

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