We’re on our way and on schedule! After all these years of dreams, setbacks and raised hopes followed by disappointments, watching the new shelter take place before our eyes is an awesome sight.


Take a look at the video on our home page and see for yourself ! We can already imagine seeing the animals in our care in their safe, dry, rodent-free surroundings. Our staff and volunteers will be able to concentrate on what they do best – spending more time with the animals and less time worrying about kennels getting flooded in heavy showers. The rat traps won’t be coming with us on moving day, and when hurricane season rolls around in 2019, there’ll be no need to draw up animal evacuation plans. Everyone can stay put in our new hurricane-resistant shelter.

FKSPCA new shelter rendering

The new shelter will be a whole lot more than a place to come to adopt a family pet. From the beginning, we have always envisaged the shelter as a community resource. Now, we will be able to improve existing community programs like our summer reading program for children, for instance, and our Faith program (link to http://fkspca.org/about-us/services-we-provide/) which temporarily houses (at no cost) the pets of people in emergency situations, or victims of domestic violence. We’ll have room to offer help with dog training. And, of course, our low cost or free spay/neuter clinic. These resources and more are how we see the future at the Florida Keys SPCA. Exciting? You bet!

Meanwhile, however, back in the present, the reality is that we still need to raise $850,000 to equip and furnish the building. Our community has helped us raise over $8 million dollars so far, an amazing feat by any standards. We are working hard to get to the finish line and hope that the continued generosity of our amazing community will help us get there. There are several ways you can help.

Take a look at our Naming Opportunities. You or a loved one can become a permanent part of the shelter.

Here’s another idea: Engrave and Pave the Way by buying a brick that will be placed outside and become part of the entrance pathway. Again, honor or memorialize a loved one, or a precious pet.

However you can help, whatever you can give, you can be proud knowing that your gift is not only truly appreciated but that you have played an important part in making our shelter dream come true.